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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Juan Orozco Model 10 classical guitar

Juan Orozco's guitars could be had in three models:
no. 8, no. 10 and no. 15 (the most elaborate)
Apart from being a higher grade model not
all more expensive models in reality do sound better!
Made at the Tama factories in the seventies.

Juan Orozco was a New York based dealer that
developed these guitars along with Masaru Kohno
and Sakurai for the world market.

The back of the Orozco guitar clearly shows us
the reinforcement of the neck with two ebony
stripes as was common on the M. Kohno, the
Sakurai and Tama guitars as well. As Tama
also worked for Ibanez the double reinforcement
together with the typical soundboard bracing can
be found on some higher end Ibanez guitars as
well. Check my Juan Orozco Blog.


Andrew said...

I have one from 1975 and i am tring to sell it any buyers?

Eric said...

Thank you for these informations. What means for exemple model 8 u ## ?
8 is the model (what differences between Modl 8 and 10 ?), but what does mean the second number ? Is it the serial ?
Thank you.

DasPasKunst said...

Hello Eric,

In fact there are a lot of models with a label Juan Orozco but the
numbering remains a mistery.

The models 8, 10 and 15 are his best models. The model 15 is with
sides and back executed in Brasilian rosewood and with a Spanish
inner heel. Both the model 10 and 15 are equipped with an ebony
fingerboard. I'm not so sure if that is the case with the model 8.
The model 8 has no inner Spanish heel. Just check my Orozco blog
for more information. All the best!